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  • Perfect packaging for:

    -Liquid food
    Simply select the H2O option in the vacuum percentage setting and you can forget about monitoring the vacuum process when packaging liquids and foods with sauces.

    -Fragile shapes

    The Soft Air function enables a gradual return to atmospheric pressure after sealing so that even the most delicate and fragile foods or products do not lose their shape during packaging.


    -Porous food

    With Vac+ functionality means you can add up to 20 seconds of additional vacuum once 100% vacuum has been reached. This technology forces the air out of the inside of porous foods, guaranteeing seamless vacuum packaging.


    GoSensor Vacuum Packer (Tabletop)

    • goSensor S 
      Width: 388mm
      Depth: 519mm
      Height: 389mm
      POWER (KW)0.35kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      goSensor M 
      Width: 475mm
      Depth: 589mm
      Height: 438mm
      POWER (KW)0.75kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      goSensor L 
      Width: 620mm
      Depth: 599mm
      Height: 453mm
      POWER (KW)0.75kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      SPEC. SHEET: (Download Here)

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