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    Positive chilling

    In this cooling process, the internal temperature of the food falls from 90°C to 3°C in 90 minutes. Soft Chilling is a form of fast cooling that respects the external surfaces of the food. It is suitable for delicate, small and thin food products. Hard Chilling respects food surfaces and organoleptic qualities in the same way. It is suitable for fatty and dense products and large pieces.


    Negative chilling

    This makes the temperature at the heart of the food fall from 90°C to -18°C in 270 minutes. This type of chilling is recommended for all types of products that are intended to be stored for several months.

    MyChill Blast Chiller

    • 3  GN1/1
      Width: 650mm
      Depth: 670mm
      Height: 670mm
      POWER (KW)0.975kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      5  GN1/1
      Width: 520mm
      Depth: 850mm
      Height: 880mm
      POWER (KW)1.185kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      10  GN1/1
      Width: 800mm
      Depth: 780mm
      Height: 1700mm
      POWER (KW)2.010kW
      VOLTAGE (V / Ph / Hz)

      SPEC. SHEET: (Download Here)

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